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Our story begins with our adventurer, Greg at his house going through his daily squeeze therapy session. He had just finished coming though the squeeze rolls when his phone rang, “activate auto answer” Greg said. “Hello Greg how are you doing today?” Greg answered, “Fine, who is this?” “my name is Ursula, I am calling people with special physical needs, I specialize in squeeze therapy for people who are stimulated by being touched a certain way, I help those people by ssssqqqeeeeeezzzing them. I was calling to ask if you would like me to be your persssonal ssssqqqeeeeeze therapist. If you’re interested, I can schedule a ssspecial meeting sssome time in the next week or two, if that’s alright with you?” Greg answered, “sure, how about two weeks from now?” “That’s ssssplendid!” exclaimed Ursula. “Two weeks it is then” and Greg hung up.

Two weeks later Greg was finishing being squeezed by his own squeeze machine, when he heard a knock at the door. He went to answer it and when he opened the door what he saw was not what he expected, which was a tall slender woman to be standing there, instead he stood face to breast with what looked like a woman top and an octopus’s bottom. Greg recognized Ursula, and said, “I know you, your Ursula octopus, from the little mermaid movie!” “Yes I am, now shall we discuss what will happen?” “Sure” replied Greg. For the next hour Ursula told Greg what he would do each day. “Ursula asked Greg, “do you have any equipment that you use, or not?” I actually have my own custom built squeeze therapy room, which I routinely go to, to get squeezed” answered Greg, “splendid!” exclaimed Ursula, “I would love to see this room of yours, this makes my job easier”

So Greg went and showed Ursula his squeeze room. “My! What a collection of squeeze machines you have. I would love to learn about these devices and how they work”, Greg led her to his squeeze machine and said, “ok well, if you come over here, we have my first machine I bought, which is the squeeze machine, I’ll show you how it works”, “wonderful” said Ursula. Greg started to explain about the squeeze machine “I simply place my head in the head restraint here, next I’ll need your help for this, Ursula, would you kindly set the squeeze tightness setting to max for me please?” “Vat of course, darling” said Ursula as she set the tightness. “Now I just place my arms at my side and say ‘start squeezing’ and now I’m…..being ……ssssqqqqeeeeeezed, ‘shut off’ ”. Once Greg got up, Ursula said, “I see what looks like a large… giant python, what is that for? And is it real?” “Well” replied Greg “yes that is my pet python”, “oh and does she squeeze you at all?” asked Ursula, “Oh yeah, but only when I ask her to, come here girl come give me some love” Ursula watched as the 25 foot long monster snake slithered to Greg, and coiled around him and promptly started to squeeze him, “ok girl that enough, I have a guest over, please let me go.” After Greg finished showing Ursula all his machines Ursula asked “is it possible if I may stay and make this my new home?” Greg said she could stay in the room they were just in, or she could pick another room of her choice. Ursula chose the basement, squeeze room because she liked seeing all the different instruments and equipment that was down there. Ursula then said, “I would like to show you what I can do now…. hehehe.”

Ursula took Greg by the waist with her tentacle and told him that she used slightly different methods of therapy. Greg then asked if she could show him, Greg said yes, and then Ursula told Greg to lie down and take his pants off too. Greg wasn’t sure why, but he did as he was instructed and laid down and took this pants off. Ursula then said to Greg, “Now my darling, I am going to use my own tentacles to squeeze you.” Greg didn’t know what was about to happen, but he was getting a big boner. “I want you to relax your body, relax……..relax……. relax…….”
Soon Greg was under Ursula’s magic spell; Ursula slithered on top of him and positioned her self so that Greg’s dick went in to Ursula’s vagina. Ursula wrapped her tentacles around his legs his waist, chest, and neck and started to squeeze him, softly humming to keep Greg asleep and relaxed.

After about an hour, she then released her tentacles and woke Greg up. Once Greg regained consciousness he said to Ursula, “When I was asleep I felt total bliss. I must say you can really squeeze tightly, and if I may add a final word, the way you coiled your tentacles around me was quite sexy if I may say so.” Ursula responded, “Well, I’m glad you enjoyed your self” The next day, Greg met up with his friend Henry told him that it was time for squeeze therapy so they went to the basement, there they found Ursula standing there waiting. “Welcome boys” said Ursula, “I would like you to both, put these clothes on”, “why do we have to?” asked Henry, Ursula said to him, “it will help you move easier, when going through the exercise.” The clothing pieces were a skimpy rubber thong, a mouth gag, as well as some studded leather gauntlets.
Once the boys were dressed, Ursula said to them, “the exercise you will be doing is going through an obstacle course that will test your senses, strength, and agility.” Then Greg and Henry were walked in to a room, foam pits with snakes in them, various squeeze machines, and other obstacles. The door was then closed and the lights were shut off and over the loud speaker the two boys heard Ursula say, “Ready, go!”

As they fought their way through the course, they soon grew weary and tired, then when they were about to finish, they saw a giant snake in front of them. The boys were exhausted and didn’t know what to do when the snake started to slither towards Greg and Henry and slowly coiled around them and started to squeeze the two boys tighter and tighter. “Well Greg this is how it ends” said Henry to Greg, “the both of us getting squeezed to death by a giant anaconda” then, just as the boys were about to be crushed to death, the lights came on, the snake released them, and the boys headed for the exit.

After the therapy session had ended, Henry went home and Greg headed to the snake pit. When Greg got there he jumped in and started swimming around in the pit. As he swam around he saw a boa constrictor and swam towards it and let the boa squeeze him. The boa coiled its body around him and slowly started to squeeze him. Greg enjoyed him self as the snake squeezed him tighter and tighter. Greg then fell asleep in the snake’s coils. The snake continued to constrict him even as he slept.

The next day Greg wanted to have his dick squeezed, he went over to the dick squeezer. He was about to put his dick in the machine, when Ursula slithered in and said to Greg, “Before you do that I would like to show you something important.” She maliciously smiled. Greg pulled out and went over to Ursula and asked what she wanted to show him, Ursula wrapped a tentacle around Greg’s waist and led him to her room. When she got there she tossed him on to her bed and tentacles sprang out of the four bed posts and grabbed on to Greg’s wrists and ankles. Greg started to struggle but Ursula said, “Struggle all you like, it wont do any good darling” she then climbed on top of Greg and spread her tentacles out over Greg’s wriggling body and using one free tentacle unzipped Greg’s pants, then coiled itself around Greg’s dick and started to slowly squeeze it, Greg screamed but Ursula put a finger over his mouth and hushed him as she said, “ Shhh, don’t worry I wont hurt it” she then released his dick and then Ursula laid her “hole” over Greg’s dick and slowly humped him faster, Greg cried out but Ursula put a tentacle over his mouth to silence him so he would be quiet. She coiled her tentacles around his entire body and tightly squeezed him and “Oh, yes, yes, OH baby, deeper harder faster!” The sex went on for a good three hours. Once it was over was sitting up when Ursula quickly took Greg pressed his head in to her breast cleavage. Greg felt a tentacle wrap around his dick and slowly tighten its grip, Greg flailed his arms, but they were soon pinned to his side as Ursula coiled three tentacles around his torso, Greg’s head was still being squished in to Ursula’s breasts. Greg tried to pull his head out to breath but couldn’t. Ursula then after a while released him and asked him, “how was it?” Greg replied, “Different.” After Greg left, he went to his room and massaged his dick it was sore from Ursula’s” special treatment”. He went to sleep later dreaming of the sex he had with Ursula.

Three days after Greg was in his squeeze room and he was being squeezed by his pet snake, the python had Greg completely wrapped up in its coils. Greg was saying to his Snake, “that’s it girl keep squeezing me tighter” Greg laughed as his snake licked his toes, “ha-ha that tickles” just then Ursula came in and said to Greg, “Greg its time for your squeeze therapy session with me” Greg told his snake to release him, the snake loosened its coils and went off to its corner. Ursula came over and asked Greg, “I want you to go to the suspension rack up in my room” Greg went and followed Ursula up to he room. When they got there Greg was told to change on to his bondage suit, Greg changed and shortly after Ursula hooked Greg up and put a gag in his mouth. After Ursula got Greg prepared, she then told Greg, “relax sweetie” she went and turned on some seductive music and slithered back to Greg and hummed a spell over him.
Once Greg was asleep Ursula wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him and whispered, “Relax, think of nothing but the sound of my voice and the feel if my body against yours, now call me mistress.” Greg in his hypnotized state replied, “Yes mistress” as Ursula was telling Greg this she started to coil her tentacles around his body and slowly squeeze Greg. After a while Greg started to wake up from Ursula’s spell, Ursula saw this and started to hum the sleeping spell again, and Greg instantly fell back under Ursula’s spell. After the therapy session had ended Ursula released Greg and let him go about his way.

Part 2:
Ursula attacks

Many weeks later Greg was walking around the neighborhood up near Ursula’s squeeze therapy institute (she changed it from a school a few years ago when he was younger) Greg was curious to see what Ursula had added to her squeeze therapy institute. He went over to the window and looked in, at first he saw all the usual squeeze instruments, then he looked over towards the rear wall and Greg saw a squeeze roller machine. Greg said to himself, “ I must get inside and get to that machine” Greg went to the front of the building, checked to see if any body was around, he looked in the building and saw nothing, Greg headed in and quickly scanned the area to see if there were any snake guards around, Greg saw none around. He then headed in and he rushed over to the far wall, looked down the hallway, and then to the lobby, all was clear. Cautiously he made his way down the hallway. When he got to the end he looked right and saw the tail of a snake disappear down the far end, Greg gave a sigh of relief, then Greg looked left and saw nothing, so he then proceeded quickly down the hall to Ursula’s main office and squeeze room. As Greg was passing by one of the rooms he carefully looked in to see if there was any body in there, he again got lucky; Greg knew his luck would run out at some time. He got to the room and he saw the door was open; Greg cautiously went in and turned on the lights. (When he went in there before it was changed Greg usually turned the lights off) Greg went in and looked around at the room, to his left he saw the squeeze rollers, Greg also saw a machine that looked like a steam roller wheel, It has a large padded roll on it; the spot where the person would lie had ankle and wrist restraints as well as a chest and head restraint. Greg looked around and also saw a series of rolls and wedges, as he looked around he was also listening for any sound, he heard a snake guard slithering towards the room, he quickly scanned the room for a place to hide and he saw a large foam pit, he dove in and scrambled to the bottom and waited for the sound to fade away. As Greg listened he heard the sound of tentacles slapping the floor, and a muffled groaning sound, Greg realized it had to be Ursula, she probably had some poor helpless kid which she would probably put in the steam roller looking machine and crush to death. He continued to listen and heard her enter the room. He then cautiously made his way to one of the walls of the pit. He heard Ursula say, “So what should I do with you?” Greg heard Ursula continue, “Ill put you in the jumbo roller and crush you, doesn’t that sound nice Henry?” Greg was suddenly shocked that it was Henry, he couldn’t let that happen. Greg looked over to edge of the pit and saw Henry being strapped in to the restraints, he saw Ursula turn the machine on and saw Henry eyes bug out as he was crushed by the roll, then he saw Ursula laugh and then leave, Greg jumped out of the pit and rushed over to Henry and said to him, “I’m gonna get you out of this bro just hold on” Henry patiently waited and tried to endure the crushing of the roll. Once Greg got the roll turned off, he untied Henry and asked him, “What happened?” Henry explained to Greg that he was just minding his business at his house when he was suddenly blindfolded and carried here. Greg then heard the therapist and told Henry to head for the pit, Henry and Greg jumped in to the pit and waited and listened as he heard Ursula say, “where did

Henry go he was just here a minute ago, he couldn’t have escaped. Oh Henry, come out where ever you are.” Greg whispered to Henry that he would create a distraction while Henry escaped and if it failed they would go down fighting. Greg jumped out of the pit and ran towards Ursula yelling, “Yo! I freed Henry from the roller, catch me if you can” Greg ran out of the room with Ursula closing in on him. Meanwhile Henry had gotten out of the room and was heading down the hall to find Greg, when he saw a snake guard; Henry ran in to one of the rooms nearby and looked for a place to hide, the room had many different squeeze devices, in the center was a giant pit filled with foam blocks, and at one end he saw a spring board Henry ran to the board and jumped on the board and dived in to the pit. Henry sank down deeper then he expected and he struggled to get out.
Greg was also having his own problems; he was running as fast as he could to escape Ursula. Greg ran in to the gym and saw the largest foam pit he had seen in the whole school. He saw the pit and dived in, and sank to the bottom and waited. When Ursula got there she called in several snake guards and told them, “ go in that pit and find Greg, and bring him to me” the snakes slithered in and started to search, Greg was unaware of this because he soon found him self surrounded by a dozen snake guards, he heard one of the guards hiss to him, “ Greg, we have order’s from Ursula to take you in to custody, come with us now” Greg had other plans, he bolted out of the pit and ran to the room he had started out in and hid in the closet, he radioed Henry and asked him where he was, Henrys said he was in a room in the green pod, Greg then told Henry to stay there and he’d find him.

Greg then ran to where Henry was and he told him, “we have a army of snake guards after us, we cant fight them all, we have to give our selves up” Henry agreed and the two men faced the snake guards and held them off as long as they could but were soon over whelmed. After they were beat, two snakes each coiled around Greg and Henry and held them there till Ursula came. “Well, if it isn’t Greg and Henry, I see you tried to help free Henry, Greg” after the talk Greg and Henry were taken to Ursula s room.

When the two men were in the room, Ursula told Greg, “you thought you’d come and save your friend Henry and get out unscathed, you thought wrong so now I’m going to crush you and squeeze you both” Greg telepathically told Henry, “I have a bad feeling about this” Henry mentally agreed. Ursula then had the snake guards to release the two of them. Once Greg and Henry were relieved of the snakes, Ursula took the boys to one of the rooms with many squeeze machines.

First Ursula took Greg and tied him up with some rope and hooked him to a rope hanging over a large ball pit with snakes in it. Ursula pushed a button and the rope started to lift Greg into the air and carried him through the air and stopped over the pit. Ursula then took Henry and sent him to a machine that looked like a car compactor with padded walls and tossed him in.
As Greg dangled overhead he heard Ursula say to him, “I want to let you know that this is no ordinary pit, for with in it are an assortment of boa constrictors, pythons, and anacondas so have fun, and I would be surprised if you managed to escape Hehehe, which I highly doubt, have fun” she then pulled a lever and Greg found him self falling in to the pit.

Henry was standing in the middle of the large car compactor looking device he heard Ursula say to him, “Henry I wish I could have squeezed you more at Greg’s house, but unfortunately now you have to be crushed, again” moments later Henry heard a grinding sound and saw that the walls were closing in on him.

When Greg hit the surface and then went under and then he saw snakes every where and they were all coming at him, Greg tried to free him self but to no use, then he remembered he had brought his pocket knife with him. Quickly he reached for it and pulled it out and started to cut at the ropes. Greg cut through the last rope and started to make his way to freedom but he was too late the snakes were already on him. Greg felt and saw one of the boas start to encircle him, as the snake threw coil after coil around him he saw that the other snake were wrapping them selves around the snake and him. Then Greg gasped as the first snake started to slowly tighten its coils. Greg fought with all his human strength, but to no use. He then started to concentrate and slowly he felt him self transforming in to his hulk form. After he was fully transformed he started to claw his way out of the knot of snakes that were all wrapped around him, he finally managed to free him self and he swam towards the surface.

Henry felt the padding on the walls pressing on his body. He was going to be crushed and he figured Greg was already squeezed to death by the snakes. Then Henry felt the walls stop moving in and started to move back, he wondered why, he looked up and he saw Greg standing there. “Henry here take my hand.” once Henry was pulled out, he told Greg, “we have to get out of here, I don’t want to go through another machine and be crushed all the way” Greg lied and said he agreed too. The guys headed for the door, Greg stuck his head out and scanned the area, once he made sure they were safe the two of them slowly crept toward the front of the building. When Greg and Henry were walking down one hallway, Greg heard two voices approaching quickly he pulled Henry after him and raced towards the main lobby, as they rounded the corner they saw all the snake guard blockading the hallway. Greg told Henry to stand back; he quickly transformed and then told Henry to jump on his back. Henry jumped on Greg’s back and then Greg bulldozed his way through the snake blockade. As Greg was halfway through, Greg suddenly reverted in to his normal form. And all at once Greg and Henry were over taken by the mass of snakes.

When Greg and Henry woke up, they found them selves tied together and hanging over the main ball bit in the former gym. Greg saw Ursula standing next to a control panel and he heard her say, “thought you’d escape. Good try, but it was foolish.” Greg then realized that his wrists were bound together and behind his back and that his ankles were secured too, Henry had the same problem. Ursula then told the boys, “I have bound your arms and legs together so that you can’t escape. Have fun” then Ursula pushed a button and both the boys fell in to the pit. Greg and Henry struggled effortlessly to try to get free but it was no use, to add to the problem there were snake already coming at them. Greg found him self suddenly being tightly squeezed in boa constrictors coils from his neck to his ankles. Henry met the same fate. Ursula mean while laughed and then left saying to herself, “they’ll never escape I’ve got them this time.”
Greg even tried to go hulk but couldn’t, the snake dragged him to the bottom of the bit and continued to put the big squeeze on him. Henry also was pulled to the bottom and had the squeeze put on him too. Greg said to Henry, “I think she finally has us this time, I wish there was some way to get free but we’re at the bottom of a 25 foot deep pit being squeezed to death.” Then the snake released them and slithered away and Greg was first to wriggled to Henry and was about to try and free him when he saw
Ursula coming down to them, Greg stopped and mentally told Henry to get away as fast as possible. The boys were crawling as fast as they could from Ursula but got grabbed by the ankles and pulled towards her. Ursula said to the guys, “I am going to give you pussy and maybe more.” Greg and Henry frantically struggled but were soon over whelmed by Ursula’s tentacles.

Ursula slid Greg under her body and then shoved his head in to her pussy Greg was stuck in her pussy and was being spooged on. Henry unfortunately met the same treatment. Ursula laughed as she squeezed and spooged on her victims. Then after a while Ursula pulled the boys out and then took them out of the pit, still bound and taken to separate rooms.
Greg was taken to a room with a rack and a humping horse. He was placed over the horse and had his wrists and ankles chained to the floor. All of his clothes were taken off. And the horse stared to vibrate and a roll came from the ceiling and started to roll back and forth along Greg’s back. Ursula said to him, “I will be back soon.”

Henry was taken to a room by Ursula and was laid down upon a padded bench and had his clothes also ripped off and then he saw the biggest snake he had ever seen in his life come out from a opening on the wall. Ursula closed the door and said through the bars, “goodbye” and left.
Greg was being crushed by the roll and then the roll stopped rolling and the bench stopped vibrating
and the chains came free. Greg stood up with his hands and legs still bound and wondered what was happening and then he saw why, from the far wall a door opened and out came a python the size of a house, the snake launched itself at Greg and quickly got one coil around him, (the one coil covered Greg’s whole body) and then Greg felt the snakes coil tightening its hold and squeezing him. Greg then saw that the snake had the upper body of a woman. “Greg sssso nice to meet you, I have been hired to ssssssqueeze and crusssh you in my coil, here I’m going ssssssmother you with my breasts.” And suddenly Greg saw the woman’s boobs start to grow at an alarming rate and soon the whole room was full of snake and boob. The snake released its grip on him and then Greg was suddenly pressed in to the snake woman’s breasts and he found him self unable to move and then with one final effort he tried to escape but was squished against the woman’s body and then all went black.
Henry meanwhile was being squeezed to death by the snake and had seven coils around him which were tightening around him every second. Henry didn’t even try to escape because he couldn’t move and he also blacked out as well.

Ursula came back and checked on the boys to see how they were doing. Ursula found Greg passed out on the floor with the snake woman. Ursula told the woman to get off of him and go back to her room. Then she slithered to Greg and picked him up with her tentacles and carried him to her office and tossed his limp body in to her bed and then got in to the bed as well and laid her self on Greg’s body so his face was pressed in to her breasts. She then wrapped her tentacles around his legs and spread them apart and wrapped a tentacle around his balls and slowly squeezed them.

Ursula came and got Henry from his cell and took him to her room and gave Henry the same treatment.

Soon both the boys woke up and Ursula had to put the big squeeze on them and eventually over powered them. Then the boys were thrown in to a cell together and left there to recuperate.
When Greg woke up he found himself in a cell with Henry and both were dressed in their bondage clothing. “Henry what did Ursula do to you? I was squeezed, smothered, and crushed by a giant snake woman and her breasts” Henry told him what he endured and Greg was shocked at the torture Henry had endured. Then the cell door opened and Ursula came in and said to the guys, “how are you boys doing? I hope you enjoyed your torture. Well it is time for your actual therapy so both of you come with me” Ursula grabbed Greg and Henry with her tentacles and took them to the roll room and threw them in there and went off to deal with other matters.
Greg and Henry were stumped as to why they were here but they decided to just go in and out of the rolls and wait for Ursula to tell them what to do. Greg then headed for a roll and squeezed him self in between the rolls and tried to get out but couldn’t. “Henry I’m stuck help!” Henry ran to free him. As he got there he saw one of the rolls moving towards him, Henry grabbed Greg’s hands and pulled as hard as he could but to no avail. Henry then got pulled into one of the rolls and he became stuck. Then Greg saw Ursula stroll in and heard her say, “Well I see you have both gotten yourselves in to a bit of a squeeze Hehehe, I will have to find another form of therapy. “She said something else and the rolls released the boys. Then Ursula took them to a different room with a large ball pit and a series of squeeze machines. Ursula told the boys to uses all the machines as well as the pit. Then she tossed the boys in the pit and left again.

Greg and Henry quickly sank to the bottom of the pit and once again struggled to get out. Henry went to a wall and saw what looked like a large plush hotdog bed, Henry laid down to sleep but suddenly the buns closed in on him and Henry found him self being smothered by a giant hotdog bed. Henry tried to army crawl out, he started to succeed and he managed to get his head out and then he started to attempt to pull him self out and finally escaped. Henry decided to go in to the ball pit and swim around so he jumped in and sank to the bottom, as Henry was swimming around, he felt a hand grab his ankle, he twisted around and saw it was Greg , “I was wondering where you were “ said Henry. Greg said to Henry, “I want to be squeezed by that snake giantess again, want to come with me?” Henry said, “Sure.” The boys got out of the ball pit and headed for the door. Greg checked to make sure that no one was around and headed to the room he had been sent to earlier, as Greg and Henry got to the room, Henry asked Greg, “am I going to like this?” Greg told him, “yeah” so they cautiously crept in and quietly closed the cell door behind them. Greg headed over to the opening of the giantess’s lair and knocked on the cage bars, the giantess slithered in to the cell and looked down to see Greg there, “hello again Greg, I see you have brought a friend. I assume you both would like to be ssssqueezed and ssssssmothered by me and my breasssstsss” Greg replied, “yes” then the giantess wrapped each boy up in a coil and started to expand her breasts and soon the cell was once again filled with giantess breasts. The giantess told the guys, “I need more room, I’m going to take you both in to my lair and squeeze you in there.” Once in side the lair the giantess was able to get another coil around each of the boys. Greg was Cumming at the dick and drooling from the mouth, Henry was being squished by the giantess’s breasts. Both guys felt the coils around them tightening all the time and the giantess was thoroughly enjoying squeezing and squishing the boys.
Ursula was returning to check on the boys, when she got to the room she was not happy to see the guys were gone. Ursula then went to go look for them, as she was passing the giantess’s cell she
heard sound of pleasured groans. She entered and looked in the lair to find the boys in the coils and breasts of the giantess. Ursula said to Greg and Henry, “I hope you are having fun being squeezed by my giantess” both boys replied, “oh yeah” Ursula then continued with, “because I am about to have her put the big squeeze on you, giantess, put on the squeeze” , Ursula then left and the giantess started to tighten her coils more then ever and the boys weren’t groaning in pleasure but now in pain, “Greg, I don’t like this anym…..” henrys voice was silenced as the giantess pressed her boobs against his and Greg’s faces. The giantess sighed and said to herself, “OH I am enjoying crushing and ssssqqqeeeeeezzzing these boys, it makes me horny, OOOHHH!”

From with in the massive breasts came a muffled sound but became silent as the giantess pressed her boobs in to the face of the victim who had spoke. Eventually the giantess became bored with squeezing the boy and released them. The boys stumbled out of the lair into the cell weary and wheezing. Greg said to Henry, “I am ready to leave how about you?” Henry agreed, the boys cautiously started in to the hallway and checked for danger, all was clear so the guys headed down the hall way to the playground exit. As they would pass a hallway they would slow down and check to see if anybody was in there, fortunately they got no surprises. Greg slowly opened the door just enough to fit himself through and kept it open for Henry then slowly closed it.

Once out side Henry was so happy he started to celebrate but Greg hushed him and said, “we have to be quiet we aren’t out of danger yet we have to get home safely then we can celebrate.” So the two boys quickly headed for the forest line, they got to the side walk and booked it all the way to Greg’s house.

Once the boys were safely inside Greg’s house, Greg and Henry both whooped and laughed and celebrated, “Greg we did it, we escaped” Greg and Henry then headed to his room and played on the Xbox. As Greg and Henry were playing on the Xbox, Henry jokingly asked, “what if Ursula find out we’ve escaped?” Greg suddenly became fearful because he knew Ursula would find out if she didn’t already. Greg said to Henry, “Dude we aren’t safe here, Ursula probably know we have escaped and this is the one spot she will know we’ve headed for. Come on we have to go somewhere safer.” Henry told Greg that they would go to a friend who he had known for a long time and knew would keep them safe from Ursula. (Or so he thought) so the two boy quickly ran to Brookes house. When they arrived, Henry went to knock on the door when Greg suddenly said to Henry, “wait, don’t I have a bad feeling that this is a trap” Henry told Greg, “don’t worry” Henry knocked and Brooke answered the door, “oh, hi Greg and Henry what are you both doing here?” Greg told Brooke his whole story about him and Henry escaping Ursula and needing a place to stay. “Sure you can stay here” Brooke said, so she let them in. Henry told Greg again, “dude this is a bad idea she could possibly be in league with Ursula, we should find another place to hide.” Greg was about to say something when Brooke walked in and said to Greg, “Greg I heard u saying that you like to be squeezed and have breasts pressed in to your face” Greg replied , “ yeah, it makes me horny” Brooke then motioned to Greg to follow her, Greg wasn’t sure why but he followed brook upstairs.

Once upstairs, Brooke closed the door behind Greg and told him to lay on the bed with his arm and legs spread apart, Greg did so, then brook went to her closet and took out some ankle and wrist restraints and a blind fold as well as a gag, Greg nervously asked her, “w-what are those for?” Brooke replied, “I’m going to put these on your ankles and wrists and lock you to my bed, and smother you, now close your eyes.

Brooke jumped on top of him, and blind folded his eyes and put the gag in his mouth. Brooke then transformed in to a giant boa constrictor, she coiled her tail around his torso and slowly started to squeeze him tighter and tighter. “How does this feel?” she asked. Greg groaned,
Brooke then wrapped her arms around him and squished his face in to her breasts. Greg started to struggle because he couldn’t breathe. Brooke said to him in a soothing voice, “relax” Then as if under a spell Greg suddenly relaxed.

Meanwhile downstairs Henry was wondering what was going on with Greg, he got a sudden mind message from Greg telling him to get out of the house, and that Brooke was in alliance with Ursula. Henry instantly headed for the door. He ran out of the house and fled to find some where safe.

Back up stairs Brooke was till squeezing Greg and smothering him. Brooke then stopped smothering Greg and uncoiled her self from around him; she unlocked his bonds and asked him, “Well Greg how was it?”

“Interesting” Greg replied, Brooke then told Greg that she was in league with Ursula. Brooke told him that she was sending him back to Ursula to be punished for escaping.
Brooke called Ursula and said to her, “I have Greg. His friend Henry got away.” Ursula said in return, “That is fine Greg is the one I want, bring him to me” Brooke then tied Greg up and transported him to Ursula. Once in Ursula’s office Ursula said to Greg, “As punishment for escaping from here, I am going to send you to my giantess anaconda Davida, there you will be first be smothered by her breasts, after that she will crush you with just her arms, then she will wrap you up in her coils and sssssqqqquuueeeeeezzee you tighter and tighter and tighter until you are no longer alive, in short I sentence you to be squeezed till dead.” Then Greg was dragged away to be squeezed to death.

Greg was tossed in and when he got up he saw in front of him towering above him the giantess that Ursula was talking about, “Greg, you have been sentenced to be squeezed to death by me, do you have an last words?” anaconda Davida said, “yeah, I’LL BE BACK!” then the snake lady started to coil around Greg and then started squeezing him. Greg had a plan in his mind about escape but wasn’t gonna execute it yet. Davida hissed with joy, the coils around Greg became tighter and tighter, then Greg started to struggle, as he struggled the anaconda hissed to him, “stay still or I will crush you instantly!” Greg then transformed in to his hulk form, he wrestled the snake’s coils off of him, and then knocked Davida unconscious. As he fled for the door, he thought of how he was gonna get free again, Greg just decided he would just fight his way though and then head to Matt’s house


When Greg got to Matt’s house, he banged on the door, after a moment matt opened the door, Greg hurried inside, “dude what’s going on?” matt asked, Greg explained the whole story of how he was captured by Ursula and sentenced to death by squeezing, Matt was amazed at his story, “so what are you gonna do now?” Matt asked Greg, Greg told matt in return, “I’ll stay here and hunker down and hope I don’t get found by Ursula” Greg then told Matt, “I know you’ll keep me safe, right?” Matt responded with a yes.

Meanwhile back at Ursula’s Squeeze Therapy Institute. Ursula was coming back to see if Greg was dead. When she got to the room she saw that Greg was gone and that the giantess was sitting there looking up at Ursula and hissed to her, “he got away mistress Ursula” Ursula was furious that Greg had gotten away, she magically unknotted the serpent lady, and then told her, “ go an find Greg, and who ever he is with, take him also, first I am going to tie those boys up so they can’t move then toss then to you and you are going to first ssssqqqeeeeeze Greg to death then crush his partner as well, Hehehe, now go and find them where ever they are and don’t come back till you have found them, also bring them back alive” with that Ursula slithered out of the room and went to her office and think of what she would do when Greg and his friend were in her clutches.

After many a week of hiding Greg was playing war hawk with Matt on his ps3, when he heard a loud banging on his door, Greg used his mind to see who was at the door and dropped the controller when he saw who it was. “Matt we have to go, Ursula knows where we are.” Matt asked how he knew that, Greg replied, ‘ I used my telepathy to se who was at the door and I saw the giant serpent lady that Ursula had attempt to squeeze me to death, and now she’s found us, we must leave” Greg then told Matt , “ follow me to your garage I parked my humvee in there, we’re going to get the hell outta here, so matt got up and followed him, they got in to his humvee and got in the car and drove away just as the giantess broke the door down.

The giantess hissed angrily as she turned around to se Greg and Matt drive past her, Greg was in the gunner seat and unleashes a torrent of 50 caliber bullets out of his gun. His aim was true he hit the serpentress several time s before he was out of range. “Yeah! Woo!” Greg shouted to Matt as they sped off. Greg told Matt to head to his secret bunker that he built when he was younger. When they got there Greg hurried matt inside, and bolted the door shut. The bunker was just like the VIP bomb shelter, in side was just like his house, it had all the rooms that were in his house except that the guest bed room was an am munitions closet where he had all his big guns and ammo, the room that looked like his parents was his communication center where he could see what was going on out side via satellite, his sisters room spot was his firing range where he tested his guns out to see if they were still in top quality. Matt said to Greg, “I’ve never been here before, you sure Ursula won’t find us here?” Greg chuckled and told Matt, “we’re 5 miles below earth’s surface; there no way that old witch will find us.” So Greg and Matt relaxed for the time being, and they went to his family room and played war hawk in Matt’s ps3.

5 miles down below Greg and mat were still playing war hawk when they heard the banging, Greg checked the surveillance video and told Matt, "Look at the screen it's Ursula, she's found us." Matt then said, " but she cant get in right, you said the door was a foot thick titanium block, there's no way she'll be able to lift that" Greg then told him that he should not under estimate Ursula's strength, as he said that he hear the door being ripped off and then he told Matt, "there is a emergency exit around here for this type of situation but I haven't needed to use this place in like my whole life, finding the exit will be tough, so keep an eye and an ear out for Ursula." The two men looked around the entire bunker for the exit then they heard a sound they knew was going to be Ursula. *CRASH!* the door to the bunker was blown open and in slithered Ursula. "Greg I've found you, come out come out where ever you are" Greg told Matt to slowly go to the weapon room and load up on as many weapons he could hold, Matt did so and Greg followed behind. Greg was much stronger then Matt, so he could hold more weapons and ammo then his brother.

Once Greg and Matt were suited up and armed, Greg told Matt, "I got your back, cover me ok" Matt replied, "ok bro" yelling at the top of their lungs the two boys rushed at Ursula, Greg firing bullets willy nilly, Matt was behind Greg covering him as he charged ahead. Ursula wrapped a tentacle around Greg's waist and with her other tentacles stripped him of his weapons and armor, she then grabbed Matt and then said to the struggling boys, "now I have you after searching high and low, now I am going to take you back to my lair and put you both through my many squeeze machines and snake pits, then I will separate you and send each of you to different holding cells where you will be slowly squeezed by a giant serpentress until I come back muhahaha!" Ursula took the boys back to the institute and sent them both to their holding rooms at opposite ends of the building.
Greg was taken to his squeezing cell, when Greg got there Ursula said to him, “ now Greg, in this cell is a variety of squeeze machines and bondage stations, in the middle is a pit of snakes. These are not normal snakes as they have been genetically modified to put on ten times the squeeze” Greg couldn’t you just take me to your office and squeeze me and smother me” Ursula said sarcastically, “of course darling” Greg excitedly asked, “really?” “No” Ursula spat, Ursula then turned headed out the door, on the way out she added slyly, “I have a special surprise for you friend hehehe. Have fun and don’t try to escape, I’ve got sentries patrolling the halls and guarding the exits.” With a final wave of her hand she set off to deal with Matt.
As Greg’s punishment began Matt was having problems of his own. Ursula had locked him in a cage with the evil Brooke and now he was being squeezed by her. “You will never get away with this!” Matt shouted as he was overwhelmed by the coils. “Watch me” said Brooke as she tightened her coils around Matt. Matt knew he had one chance left between him and death. As he struggled against Brooke’s massive coils and boobs, Matt pushed a button on his watch. Suddenly little fragments of metal starting forming around Matt and in time it became a massive suit of armor. “Say hello to my Iron Suit!” said Matt as he fired his turbo charged energy blaster at Brooke. Brooke went flying across the room coils and all and slammed against the wall and was knocked out. “Now to find Greg” said Matt as he activated the rocket boots on his suit.

As Greg was coming out of the crushing rolls he headed to the door to see if he could get away with escape *I have sentries patrolling the hallway and the exits* kept going thought his mind, did he dare leave and face the snake patrol, or stay in the cell and get squeezed again and again by different machines. Greg chose the latter; he would risk getting mobbed by the python popo. Greg opened the door a crack and check to see if the coast was clear, he looked down the hall and saw what looked like iron man. He blinked to see if he was delusional from being crushed earlier, he did see iron man, as the figure came closer Greg saw that it was actually Matt come to save him. When the two friends to were reunited they charged for the exit. Suddenly tons of masses of snake guards were coming straight at them. As they were about to be over taken Greg went Hulk and Matt activated super speed so he could push Greg through the masses of snake guards. In five seconds flat the two friends crashed through the doors and headed to the forest leaving a hallway of dazed and confused snake guards behind them.

Once the two brothers were a safe distance from the institute, each of them reverted in to their human forms. “How the fuck did you get out of your torture cell so fast? Matt” matt said to Greg in return, “ well lets just say I have my own sources of power hehehe” Greg responded , “ what kind of sources?” matt cleverly said, “ George W. Bush” as the two friend walked through the woods they suddenly heard a loud noise above them. They looked up saw Ursula in a helicopter circling above them. “Look out, it’s Ursula!” cried Matt. But Ursula didn’t attack them. Instead she opened the door to the copter and dropped a package at the brother’s feet and flew off.
Matt opened the package and in the box was a letter. The letter read “Come to the strip club in two hours.” “Forget it.” said Matt. “It’s just another trap.” “But-but-but there are b-b-b-booby’s there” spluttered Greg and he ran off in the direction of the club. Matt slapped his forehead cursing to himself saying, “Now I got to follow this idiot and keep him out of danger” and followed Greg (slightly against his will.) When the two friends arrived at the club two hours later they saw Ursula and Brooke sitting at a table with a large bag. The two friends sat down and matt asked Ursula, “What’s this all about?” “Oh nothing really” Said Ursula “I just figured that I would give back something of Greg’s that I took from him.
Brooke tossed the large bag at the bothers. As Matt opened up the bag he saw the crushed and bloody body of Greg’s now dead friend Henry. “Greg!” Matt shouted to Greg, who was being smothered by one of the strippers (named Daphne Rosen) “Your friend Henry is dead, Ursula squeezed him to death!” Greg pulled his head out of the breast and stared at the destroyed body. Greg gawked at the body for a moment then said, “Oh well” and squished his face back in to his hostess’s breasts. Ursula said to Matt, “we found him at his house and we took him to the institute and had him crushed to death by out giantess Naga Helga, he fought valiantly till she put the big squeeze on him” Greg said to himself* I wondered what happened to him?*
Matt then said to Greg, “I’m sorry about Henry” Greg replied why, he wasn’t that good of a friend any way, he never tried once to save me, I was always saving his sorry black ass” Ursula then said in a evil voice, “ don’t worry you’ll soon be joining him” and she then grabbed Greg and Matt with her tentacles and shouted with triumph, “ ha-ha I finally have you, you fell in to my trap like a fish getting hooked, now I’m going to make both of you wriggle like worms on a hook” Matt wheezed, “ I told you so” Greg gasped back, “no you didn’t” matt said back to him with a cough, “yeah I did, you must have not have heard me” Greg retorted “all I heard was strip club” mat said with a gasp, that’s all you pay attention to, now we’re going to meet the same fate as Henry, what do you think of that?” Greg said, “well at least well be together when we die” then Ursula cackled and said to them, that what you think” and she and Brooke, went back to the institute to squeeze the boys to death.

The Final Battle

will our heroes make it? Will Ursula squeeze the boys to death”, will the boys escape? Find out in the next chapter of the adventure!!!

Once back at the institute, Ursula took the struggling boys, to the giant pit of snakes in the old gym. Once there the boys were set on the ground, coughing and gasping, Ursula said to the boys, “I am going to bind and gag each of you and then dangle you over the pit, in the pit are the giant snakes that I told you about, I will then drop you in to the pit and then leave as you are both being squeezed, and crushed to death by the snakes then I will return and see if you both are dead. I will be surprised if one of you survives ha-ha-ha-ha” then Ursula tied each boy up so they couldn’t move then shoved them on to the cage, and hoisted them in to the air and then positioned them over the pit. Ursula said to the boys, “now you will die!” and she left.

Greg and Matt struggled and wiggled trying to free them selves, and then suddenly the boys were dropped and sent plummeting in to the pit. Matt and Greg sank to the bottom and were suddenly enveloped in the coils of two giant snakes. Greg felt the coils around him become super tight, he struggled frantically, but to no use, the snake was too strong. Matt was also having the same problem with the snake that was squeezing him, he too struggled and fought but to no avail. Greg said to matt, “we have to get out of here or there will not be a sequel to the story” matt said, “I agree, I don’t want to end up like Henry.”

Matt then pressed his button on his watch and he became the iron man, he broke through the bond and wrestled the gigantic snake that was squeezing him off of him and went to help his companion. Greg was fading fast then suddenly he was blinded by an intense light, he then felt the snake loosen its grasp on him. Greg blinked and saw Matt tying the huge snake into a knot. “Come on Greg we’re getting out of here!” Matt shouted to Greg. Matt had to grab Greg and lift him to the top, because he was unconscious, once Matt got himself and Greg to the top of the pit, he swam to the edge and climbed out and pulled Greg out of the pit.

“Greg wake up, Greg? Wake up!” Matt cried, and then Greg stirred and opened his eyes.” Matt” he wheezed, “Matt, am I alive?” Matt answered, “ yes, you are” Matt then picked up his limp brother and bolted for the door, as he grabbed or the door, the door opened and standing in the threshold was Ursula. “So you both made it out eh?” Matt growled,” yeah we are, and we’re leaving, so move!” Ursula then said to him, “I’m afraid I can’t do that, because you see if I let you leave then I’d have to squeeze. Matt said to her, “well tough” and he then punched her in the face putting into long enough of a daze so Matt and Greg could transform and rip of Ursula’s tentacles. Matt then set is blaster to one 100% full power and launched a 200,000 degrees hot blast at Ursula sending into a hell of flames and incinerating her into nothing but ash, he then took Greg and fled to the woods and hoped he would never end up there ever again.
the first of four great stories, (i think theyre great i wrote them)
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I was very entertained.
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